About me

Hi! My name is Anya! I am an artist based out of Tennessee.

I mainly do a mix of drawing and painting! I do a lot mixed media as well. With my artwork, I am trying to not only represent what I see, but also what I feel. Most of my paintings and drawing are based around memories or experiences I have lived through and enjoyed or struggled with. I enjoy the contextual aspects of art in there being a deeper, hidden meaning that you do not always get when you first look at the piece of art. I would like to think that my art will have a positive effect on people and help them see what I have portrayed in a way different than what they have experienced before or at least spare an extra glance at something they would have otherwise passed by. I do not always portray positive, pleasing images because I am human and sometimes my negative thoughts and emotions will bleed into my works; these are the pieces that I hope make people take a second look and understand the soul behind the face. Overall, I just want my art to cause those around me to take a long look at something they have never dwelled on, given deep thought to, or looked past the typical world-view of.