Haiku Poem Sets

Where to run

by Anya Newell


Trapped in my own mind

I fail to see the safety

Always around me


Split into three parts

There seems to be no balance

Though constantly sought


Strong habits in place

Small comforts turned addictions

Instead of fleeing


As I break away

I run to the trees and sky

For my reminder


by Anya Newell


What is influence?

Is it me being like you?

Your thoughts, your ideas?


That’s just the surface

First, it’s liking the same things

Is this influence?


Then it’s style, taste

Ignoring small disagreements

Is this influence?


Soon it’s not enough

To keep my precious morals

Standing against yours


My mind should match yours

Is this still called influence?

Secrets are unfurled


Differences stand firm

Backstabbing and gaslighting

Become the normal


I was not enough

My beliefs didn’t matter

It was all your show



Revealing its true colors

As your influence

eye of the storm

by Anya Newell


Hurricane’s terror

Destruction everywhere

People laid to waste


My life in shambles

Only living in pieces

Moment by moment


Learning everyday

To find joy while it’s raining

Even in my pain


Too cold by myself

No one will withstand my gale

To hold me closer


Lest they beat the storm

And find me in the center

For I’m in the eye

unnecessary battles

by Anya Newell


I will build my life

On the foundation of Rock

The presence of God


Preparing my fields

In hopes of rain and blessing

After months of drought


All self-inflicted

Due to lack of self-control

And guilty conscience


Inner demons won

Inside the house made of glass

Where all stood witness


Temptations take sway

As I battle for power

Though the fight’s not mine


How do I let go?

How do I give up the reins?

Change my mind’s control?


Find calvary’s hill

The blood that flows for my sins

The strength of one man


Because of Jesus

I can call upon the Lord

To extract it all


In full repentance

Christ takes over our battle

For He won the war