Latibule or Abditory

When you look into the night with no interest in going to sleep, as you hope for tomorrow when you can barely finish today. Most people would call this insomnia, I call it an inconvenient normal. I long to close out the day as someone merely saying goodnight to those they love and getting the rest to feel rejuvenated for the day on its way. However, in a way this brings me closer to a place where I get to think about what matters the most. A beautiful night is not to be wasted. The night is a hiding place; a place in which someone can disappear without a trace, but it is not a place of comfort or safety. As much as the night could be a place to run to, bad things happen in the dark where no one can bear its witness. 

This is why we sleep away the night, to ignore the nightmares of the dark. It is not normal to find comfort in the darkness, for we feed off light and thrive in the sunshine. With this in mind, it’s why we admire the moon and the stars so much; they fascinate us. They shine bright enough in the darkness that they are able to be seen. The moon and the stars are things we find safety and comfort in because they illuminate the way. We can guide ourselves by the light of the moon and find our way by the formations and constellations of the stars and their placement in the sky. When I don’t sleep, I find comfort in the stars because even on the darkest night when the new moon refuses us its light, the stars appear to shine even brighter than when the moon is out. They continue to shine, no matter how darkness they have to fight to illuminate the night; and eventually, the moon will return to add its shine to the battle against the suffocating darkness of the night.

Latibule: a hiding place; a place of safety and comfort

Abditory: a place to which you can disappear; a hiding place